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ECO BAGS with print - production and import

Printed eco bags and eco advertising bags are our specialty! Evergreenbags is a MANUFACTURER of high-quality eco bags, hand-sewn from the highest quality materials. We sew eco bags for our customers, which they can safely sell and give to their customers. We are proud of our eco bags - we use them ourselves and recommend them as high quality bags. Evergreen is an IMPORTER OF ECOLOGICAL BAGS and we have a PROFESSIONAL PRINTING HOUSE, as well! We are a Polish MANUFACTURER of advertising bags. In our own sewing room, we sew cotton bags, cotton twill bags and polycotton bags. Our eco bags are made of high-quality Polish materials. We are also one of the largest producers of bags made of 100% recyclable TYVEK material. We also produce felt bags. WE IMPORT eco-friendly ORGANIC cotton bags and FAIRTRADE bags. We also offer the largest selection of JUTA bags! We make professional ADVERTISING PRINTS on all our bags in our PRINTING HOUSE. Feel free to contact us!

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